The Dutch Belted Cattle Association of America has as its goal the conservation and documentation of the Dutch Belted cattle breed in North America.  This breed is characterized by a group of traits for adaptability and production, which are valuable to the dairy industry: calving ease, reproductive efficiency, economical size, management ease, foraging ability, and tractable disposition.  The breed is a unique and irreplaceable genetic resource for purebred and commercial crossbreeding and its conservation is important for the dairy industry.

The DBCAA registry has been in continuous operation since 1886.  Breeding Up and Recovery Programs have been in effect for many years.  This population of documented animals enable Dutch Belted numbers to be expanded within a well documented registered population.  There is no meaningful value in the Dutch Belted breed attempting to "catch up" genetically by single trait selection.  DBCAA affirms the importance of sound genetic principles and accurate documentation.