2019 Annual Meeting


Thursday October 3, 2019 at 1pm
World Dairy Expo, Madison, Wisconsin

 Vice-President Martha Hoffman called the meeting to order at 1:15pm after meeting at the Globe of World Dairy Expo. Members present introduced them and were welcomed.
 Reports were passed out by Kristine Haag.
 Secretary report showed for 2018 that there were 19 new lifetime members, 39 activation renewals(62 years)13 information packets sent out. So far in 2019 there are 4 new lifetime members, 42 activation renewals(64 years) and 7 information packs have be sent.
 Treasure report showed a balance of $19,220.82 in the account as of October 1, 2019.
 Kristine reported that in 2018 865 total animals were registered of which 808  were females,26 males and 26 transfers. So far in 2019 there have been 175 animals registered, 142 females and 5 males and 21 transfers.
 The Bulletin report was presented. Each addition there are 105-110 bulletins printed, most are send out with 12 sent to the secretary to us when send out information packs.   Web master Angie Haag Eggenberger reported on the DBCAA web site
 Classification  report showed in 2018 3 herds were evaluated with 380 animals in 2019 so far 1 herd of 212 animals have been done.
 A motion was made by Mariam Hoffman to except the reports as presented with a second by Larry Gerber.
 The group had a  discussion on ways to attract new/younger members to the association. Suggestions were to try to increase DBCAA presents on social media. Martha Hoffman is going to check on face book while Mariam Hoffman was going to look at twitter.
The 2020 DBCAA Annual Meeting will be held on Thursday of World Dairy Expo at 1pm
 Angie Haag Eggenberger made the motion to close the meeting with Larry Gerber second to the motion at 2:12pm.

Kristine Haag
DBCAA Secretary