September 23, 2006




Contact Information

Joe and Jane Smith

Smith’s Dutch Belted Dairy Cattle

12789 Rolling Hillside Road

Anywhere, WI 54268

(123) 456-7890





Bobby Smith of Anywhere, WI exhibited the Senior Grand Champion of the Any Other Breeds class at the Grundy County Fair last week.  His cow is a 4 year old registered Dutch Belt.  His family operates Smith’s Dutch Belted Dairy Cattle where they milk 60 Dutch Belted cows.  Dutch Belts are efficient animals of moderate size between Holsteins and Jerseys.  Cows weigh from 900-1500 pounds with bulls weighing 1350-2000 pounds.  They are black, or occasionally red, with a dazzling white belt around the middle.  This belt should begin a little back of the shoulder and extend not quite to the hips and entirely around the body.  Intelligence and friendly disposition make Dutch Belted cattle an excellent choice for family farms, rotational grazing, and other systems where ease of handling is valued.  For more information on Dutch Belted Cattle visit the Dutch Belted Cattle Association of America’s website at






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