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BASIC PRESS RELEASE WRITING TIPS      provided by Christina Winch

-Always include the information you see in the top left hand corner of the examples to insert your contact information.  Make sure FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE is in capital letters to get their attention.

-Always include the ### signs at the end—it lets them know that that is the end of press release.

-In today’s electronic world, if you can email the press release with a digital photo to the newspaper, they really appreciate it.  They don’t have to retype it or scan the photo in—they will just cut and paste.

-If you do send it through the mail or drop it off at the local newspaper office, make sure to label the back of your photo so you can get it back or in case it gets separated from your press release they know where it belongs.

-Since most people don’t know a lot about Dutch Belted Cattle, always include a few sentences about the breed and include the website.

The examples are just that, examples.  There are three different types – one for hosting a picnic or open house (the actual used last year); one to use if your child/ren show cattle and an animal does well; and one to show how well a cow may be producing.

Good luck and have fun promoting the breed.      Click on the below links to view the sample press releases.

Press Release for Cow Production
Press Release for Show Results
Press Release for Picnic/Open House

MN Zoo