Haag’s Dutch-Ayr Dewey


Dam: Haag’s Dutch-Ayr Nab Brookfield 

Reg. 9852


Dewey is the first polled bull to be collected out of our herd and he is A2/A2 to boot.


This bull’s sire is Galoff’s Jumbo Eddie ET. Eddie’s full sister has over 15,000# milk and their entire pedigree can be traced back to the original Dutch Belts brought to the US.


Dewey’s dam is Haag’s Dutch-Ayr Nab Brookfield #9852 who traces back to Lady Upson Jumbo’s Springfield #9649. Brookfield’s milk production peaked at 70# per day and maintained that level for most of her lactation.




Haag’s Dutch-Ayr Dewey

Reg. 2849    Shown at 13 months of age


Grand Dam: Lady Upson Jumbo’s Springfield 

Reg. 9649