Nicodemus and Leon

               Brink Noel Brink-Noel has been seen in a number of bulletins in the past.  Noel was on the cover of the March 2003 bulletin when she was first purchased at the Vandenbrink sale. She appeared in the November 2003 bulletin after winning Grand Champion Any Other Dairy Breed at the Dodge County Fair. The August 2004 bulletin had her on the cover again after winning Reserve Champion Any Other Dairy Breed at the Dodge County Fair. Noel’s attractiveness is complimented by her notable milk record at 4-06 287d 15,628 3.7% 573f 3.0% 473p. Noel is sired by O’Neill’s He-Man #2598 and her dam originated from the herd of Frank and Alice Blaser, who recently received the Lifetime Breeders award.

Now her genetics are available to you through her two sons Nicodemus and Leon. Nicodemus is sired by Best of Tillamook #2657, who is the son of Dennis Shirley #2407. Dennis Shirley was featured in the April 2005 bulletin and his pedigree can be seen there. Best of Tillamook’s dam is Hannah of Tillamook who was featured in the November 2004 bulletin. Hannah has proven to be an outstanding cow in the Dutch Belted breed. Nicodemus’ full sister, Bohnview Tillamook Nora ET, was the Junior Champion of the Any Other Dairy Breed class at this years' 2005 Dodge County Fair. With a strong belt and no other white Nicodemus shows the same superior genetic quality as his full sister

                Leon is sired by Lakeside Chief #2771, who was born in 1982 and bred by N.J.B. Miller. (See Lakeside Chief’s pedigree.) Leon shows the desirable Dutch Belt characteristics of well-blended shoulders, a straight and strong loin, and a correct rump with the tail set neatly between the pins. His sound set of feet and legs and admirable belt with no other white makes him and ideal choice for any herd.

                With Dennis Shirley, Hannah, and Brink-Noel, Nicodemus has the kind of deep pedigree that the breed needs.  Leon, crosses the breeding of N.J.B. Miller with Brink-Noel for superior type and conformation. Now these genetics are available to Dutch Belted breeders to improve udder quality, milk production, and type.

Leon    nicodemus        
Bohnview Chief Leon                             
Bohnview Tillamook Nicodemus-ET