Directions to use the Message Board

1.  The first time you visit, start by clicking on Register at the top of the page.Fill in the requested information and click on create account at the bottom of the page.  You are now ready to start using the board.  Next time you visit the message board, click on Log-in.  An e-mail will be sent to the address you indicated with your username and password information.

2.  To view other posts on the board, click on General Board.  Then click on the blue links to those messages.  To reply to that message, click on Reply in the upper right hand corner of that box.  Type in your text under Message and select Post Reply at the bottom.

3.  To start a new topic, go to the Home page of the board and return to General Board.  Select New Thread from the upper right side of the box.  Type in a Subject for your post.  Type in your Message and select Post Message at the bottom.  To view replys later, return to General Board and click on your post.  Replies will show up under your original post.

If you have other questions, contact and I will try to help you.