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Dutch Belted Classification Program

This program provides an official type classification program for breeders of Dutch Belted cattle.  The program is in cooperation with the Brown Swiss Association (BSA) with services provided by their field staff.  (The BSA currently coordinates classification services for the Milking Shorthorn and Guernsey breed associations.)  The program features are outlined below:

* The program's purpose, at this time, is for the advertising/marketing value that a classification score provides and for the breeder's own use as a tool for breeding and selection.  Currently, it is cost prohibitive for the type data to be used in sire summaries.

* Classifiers score 16 body traits on a 1-9 scale using hand-held Palm Pilots.  Some traits are considered "two-way traits", which means either an extreme high (8-9) or low score (1-2) is considered a fault, with 5 being ideal.  Examples are rump angle, stature, and rear legs side view.  Other traits like strength and body depth are simple linear traits-the higher the number the better. 

* After traits are scored, categories are weighted according to relative importance:
Strength & Substance   15%
Dairy Quality  15%
Rump  10%
Mobility 20%
Mammary 40%

*Data is printed at the farm and provided to the breeder immediately.  Final scores are assigned as follows:
90 & above "Excellent"
85-89 "Very Good"
80-84 "Good Plus"
75-79 "Good"
70-74 "Fair"
69 & below "Poor"

* Herds are scored in major dairy states on a 9-18 month rotating schedule to avoid seeing cows at the same stage of lactation.  Some states with low dairy populations (Southeast US, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana) are scored every 12 months. 

2018 Classification Schedule

Application Date
MN, ND, SD, IA, NE, KS, IL  November 15, 2017
PA, NJ, DE, MD, VA December 1, 2017
South East, TX, MO, OK January 1, 2018
WI February 1, 2018
CA, OR, WA, ID March 1, 2018
IN, MI, OH, WV April 1, 2018
NY, New England
May 1, 2018
MN, ND, SD, IA, NE, KS, IL June 1, 2018
September PA, NJ, DE, MD, VA July 1, 2018
South East, TX, MO, OK August 1, 2018
WI September 1, 2018
CA, OR, WA, ID October 15, 2018

* Cost to classify is $12 per cow with a $100 herd minimum.

Breeders interested in classifying should contact Secretary Kristine Haag for more information, noting the deadlines above.