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January 2008 Bulletin

Inside the April 2008 Dutch Belted Bulletin....

Notes from the Editor

Production Improvement-
by DBCAA President Cory Upson

Breeds of Cattle, 2nd Edition- now available- visit www.breedsofcattle.net

Official DBCAA Herdbook with Grade-up Appendix Now Available-Contact Jim Versweyveld

Cover Story: Genetics of the Past-for the Future
(Galoff's Jumbo Eddie-ET)

Rare Breeds Dairy Survey-marketing of Dutch Belted Dairy Products- dbixby@albc-usa.org

News and Photos from Breeders- Solids in Dutch Belted Milk

A USA Trip-
by Kees Buys of the Netherlands

Breeding Up Program

Classified Advertising
Farm/Journal Advertising

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