OCTOBER 5, 2016


The group met at the Globe at 1pm then proceed to the sales arena, the Annual Meeting of the DBCAA was called to order by Secretary Kristine Haag. Member present were Larry Gerber, Exclusive Farm, Jonathan, Joey and Julie Fraser, Cherry Valley Farm, Ron and Anne-Marie Pietersma, Legend Dairy Farm and Kristine Haag, Haag's Dutch -Ayr.

    The Secretary's report was given by Kristine Haag. In 2015 there were 23 information packets sent out, with 17 sent out so far in 2016. 14 new life members were added in 2015 with 7 being added to date in 2016. In 2915 there ere 47 annual member activation payments, 59 were received in 2016. The Secretary has received number us calls for a verity of issued.

    DNA testing has been completed on all bulls that are registered or transferred plus random testing on females. There has been has been 60 plus additional A2/A2 test on animals this year, if the lab has done other testing on animals test can be completed with out future samples.

    A copy of the Treasures report was passed out showing a balance in the account of $7,705.04 on September 1,2016.

    The Executive report was given by Kristine, continue to have questions from AccuRegister on registration issues, with a new person taking over the registration duties.

Everyone is remained to check there paper over when they are received.   AccuRegister reported 451 animals registered/transferred in 2015, with 375 so far in 2016.

    The Bulletin report submitted by Winfred Hoffman. The quartile Bulletins are printed in January, April, August and November. There are 125to 145 printed each issue, cost with printing, layout and postage is from $315.to  $330. per issue. Winifred thanks those who have sent material and to keep it coming.

    Angie Haag Eggenberger submitted the Web Master, domain and hosting was renewed in February 2016 for two years with the cost of $172.16. Due to the renewal, the site was down for a few days during the process. The site continues to be updated four times a year after the Bulletin comes out. Several new farms have been added to the Breeders listing this year. To be listed active membership is the association is required.

Jim Versweyveld submitted the classification report there were over 200 animals classified. The 2017 schedule will be printed in the Bulletin when it is received.

Larry Gerber made the motion to except the Secretary, Treasure. Executive Committee, Register ,Web Master and Classification reports, which was seconded by Ron Pierersma, motion passed    Ron Pietersma made a motion to form a committee to look into the Breeding up program regards to bulls, seconded by Jonathan Fraser. The committee shall consist of Ron Pietersma, Jonathan Frazer and the Executive Committee.

     After discussion on the day for the 2017 annual meeting a motion was made by Jonathan Frazer to hold the meeting on Thursday of World Dairy Expo, the motion was seconded by Larry Gerber, motion passed.

    The 2017 Annual Meeting will be Thursday Oct 5 at World Dairy Expo at 1pm.

    Those in attendance were thanked for coming. Meeting adjourned at 2:25

                                                                                Kristine Haag, Secretary