SEPTEMBER 30, 2015


After meeting at the Globe at 1 pm and moving to the sale arena the Annual Meeting of the DBCAA was called to order by Vice-President  Ellen Bohn. The business proceeded according to the published agenda. Members present were Ellen Bohn, Christina Winch, Jonathan and Julie Fraser,  Jim Versweyveld from Wisconsin along with Kristine Haag, Winifred and Martha Hoffman from Illinois.

The Secretary report was given by Kristine Haag, kept busy with requests, 10 information packets were sent out in 2014 and 13 so far in 2015. In 2014 there were 65 activation,47 so far in 2015 along with 10 new life members in 2014 and 13 so far in 2015. Have had questions on DNA, registration and people looking for Dutch Belted animals.

The treasures report was passed out by Kristine showing a balance of $6000 in the account.

The Executive Committee reported a calm year with no major issues.

The Register's report was passed out from AccuRegister showing 1113 animals registered in 2014 and 385 so far in 2015. The registration is running smooth with few questions that come up from breeders.

Winifred Hoffman presented the Bulletin report. She asked members to keep the pictures and articles coming.

Angie Haag Eggenberger, submitted the Web Master report with the site being updated quarterly after a new bulleting is received. The Domain name registration and hosting will come due in January 2016. Angie was thanked for her time spent on up dating the site.

Jim Versweyveld reported on classification, three herds of 456 animals in 2014 and 390 so far in 2015. Jim passed out the schedule for 2016. If any one is interested in classification contact Jim or Kristine.

Christina Winch made a motion to except the reports which was seconded by Jim Versweyveld, motion passed.

Christina Winch asked if on the registration application/registration papers RFID could be added. Winifred Hoffman moved that RFID be added and Jim Versweyveld  seconded, motion passed.

The DNA policy was discussed with all bulls now being tested. It was decided to start testing every fiftieth female according to the policy.

The new mugs were displayed along with the t-shits and cap that are available.

If anyone would like to sponsor a DB event in their area let Winifred know so the information can be printed in the Bulletin.

Jim Versweyveld nominated the current officers Cory Upson President, Ellen Bohn Vice-President, Kristine Haag Secretary/Treasure  for a three year term, Winifred seconded the notation, motion passed.

 Ballets will be mailed out to life members around November 15. Ballets will be tabulated by ALBC, which will need to be postmarked by  December 15.

Winifred treated those in attendance to DB cookies.

The 2016 Annual Meeting will be held on Wednesday October 4, 2016 at World Dairy Expo at 1pm.

Everyone was thanked for coming.

Meeting adorned at 2:43

Kristine Haag Secretary