2014 DBCAA Annual Meeting Report
October 1, 2014
World Dairy Expo

The Annual Meeting of the DBCAA was called to order by Vice-President Ellen Bohn at 1:18 pm in the sale arena, after meeting at the Globe. The business proceeded according to the previously published agenda. Members present were Pete Winch and family, Angie Haag-Eggenberger , Ellen Bohn, Kristine Haag and Cory Upson via phone.

The Presidents/Exec-committee report was given by Cory Upson. It was a busy year of answering questions and guiding Accur Register in there first year as register. Cory continues to work on the non-profit application. A motion was made by Pete Winch to approve, seconded by Angie Haag to except the report.

Secretary  Kristine Haag reported that from Feb-Dec 2013 19 information packet were sent out, so far this year 17 have been sent. In 2013 from April-Dec 6 new life members were recorded in 2014 so far there are 6.

Kristine Haag past out copies of the treasure report as of Sept 25,2014 the balance in the checking account was $4497.73.Moton was made by Pete Winch, seconded by Angie Haag to except the Sectary/Treasure report.

Accur Register report was past out, there were 414 animals registered from July- Dec 2013 and 1067 from Jan- Sept 2014. Pete Winch moved to except the report, seconded by Angie Haag.

The Bulletin report was past out as submitted by Editor Winifred Hoffman,. The Editor wishes to thank all those who advertise and contribute material for the Bulletin. Please keep it coming. We'd like to hear from more people and as always we need more quality photos. The motion to approve the Bulletin report was made by  Pete Winch ,seconded by Angie Haag.

Web master Angie Haag gave the report on the DBCAA web site, keep information coming. She is up dating the breeders list, if any member would like to be added or deleted please let her know.

Kristine Haag was going to look into a new classification schedule for 2015, along with reports from farms that are classified.

Pete Winch made the motion to accept the web and classification reports, seconded by Ellen Bohn.

Ellen Bohn has hats and t-shirts available, Kristine Haag has old bulletins from 1914-1939 No.2-35) and old herd books volumes 1(1886)-XIII(1930).Kristine will look into new mugs.

The new DNA Policy was passed out. After discussion a motion was made by Angie Haag ,seconded by Ellen Bohn to add under Bulls that any bull transferred, not yet DNA typed be tested before papers would be sent to new owner, seconded by Ellen Bohn. Decided to strike the last sentence in 4-A and to add the Executive Committee has the authority to make minor changes in wording if necessary. Motion was made by Ellen Bohn , seconded by Pete Winch, motion passed with one proxi.

Cory Upson reported on the summer picnic hosted at this farm.

If any one is having DBCAA gathering please let us know.

The 2015 annual meeting will be the Wednesday of World Dairy Expo at 1;00 pm, meeting at the Globe. Meeting adjourned at 2:30   

Kristine Haag DBCAA Secretary