2013 DBCAA  Annual Meeting Report

October 2, 2013

World Dairy Expo

 The Annual Meeting of the DBCAA was called to order by Vice-President Ellen Bohn at 1:00pm in the show arena with business proceeded according to the previously published agenda. Members present were Pete, Christina, Randy, Wesley & Mathew Winch, Winifred &, Martha Hoffman, Marjory Kuszlyk, Angie Haag-Eggenberger, Emma Eggenberger, Ellen Bohn, and Kristine Haag with Cory Upson via phone.

Secretary/Treasurer report was given by Kristine Haag. Kristine reported the DBCAA has a checking account in the Vermillion Valley Bank in Cullom, IL. All bills and deposits are being made by Kristine. As of September 30, 2013 there was a balance of $2079.20. A motion was made by Marjory Kuszlyk to approve the report and seconded.

Kristine Haag reported that the Executive Committee had a busy year with the selection of AccuRegister as the new registrar as we transfer from ALBC. All applications for registration and fees are to be sent to AccuRegister but made out to DBCAA.  The committee continues to work on non-profit status. Kristine is taking care of all other business including membership and information packets. Winifred Hoffman moved to accept the report with Pete Winch seconding the motion.

Winifred Hoffman gave the Bulletin report, stressing to keep the information coming. Marjory Kuszyk moved to accept the report, Pete Winch seconded.

Angie Haag Eggenberger reported on the DBCAA webpage. The hosting fees will be up for renewal in January. Pete Winch moved to accept the report, seconded by Winifred Hoffman.

Member Comments:

Comments were positive on the DBCAA.

Meeting at the Globe before going to the sales arena worked out.

Breed Promotion:

The new pamphlet designed by Sara Haag was passed around. It was suggested to have it available for download on the website.

If anyone has a breed promotion please let the bulletin editor know so it can be announced in the bulletin.

There was a fair amount of discussion concerning the new registry system and the purity of the breed. Noting that a pure animal is not necessarily a registered animal and a registered animal is not necessarily a pure animal. A registered animal means there is documented proof of the animal’s pedigree. Ideally most registered animals are going to be pure, however in the case of the Dutch Belted Breed that is not true. Because of the numerous animals that have been brought into the registry through the breed up program and recovery programs, there are no animals living that have 100% pure bloodlines from the beginning of the registry. In some cases this was an effort made to improve the breed in other cases it was an effort to increase the animal numbers.

With the new registry system there will be some changes on the registration papers. All animals, whether breed up or full registered will be in the same continuous numbering system as one herdbook. However the percentage of genetic purity will also be recorded on the papers. Animals that previously had full registration papers will go into a new system with 100% purity listed, even if their actual purity is not 100%. Any animal in the breed-up program will go into the new system at the percent they are in the breed-up program.

It becomes the responsibility of each individual breeder to learn and understand the true Dutch Belted breed characteristics, dairy quality and overall soundness of his/her animals to breed in an effort to improve and continue the breed in the purest possible way. We (the officers of the DBCAA highly recommend that you purchase the herd books that are available to learn the pedigrees in your herd and not solely on what you think they are. Also ask questions from a variety of breeders both DB and other breeds for type and dairy characteristics that will improve the value of your herd.

At the present time DNA testing is required for bulls used for AI. Members present discussed testing for all bulls being registered. Members should contact the executive committee with there feeling on this change with a possible vote taken at the 2014 annual meeting.

The 2014 meeting will be held the Wednesday of World Dairy Expo at 1:00pm, meeting at the Globe.

Meeting adjourned at 3:00 pm.