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2006 World Dairy Expo    world dairy expo

2006 Annual Meeting Report
For complete meeting minutes, see the printed November 2006 DBCAA Bulletin

I.    Welcome and Introductions  15 attended the meeting with Pres. Cornell Upson via phone.
II.   Reports from:
       Registrar-Registrations were up this past year.  28 males and 52 purebred females were registered. Up from 11 and 33, respectively.  Grade-ups went from 123 to 206.
       Executive Committee
       Bulletin Editor
III.  Report from Classification Committee and discussion preparatory to a mail vote to be held in December  Proposed Classification Program
IV.  Update on Herdbook-Providing the herdbook in a 3 ring binder format was favored.
V.   Beware of Crossbred bulls esp. Taurus AI Service's "Benjamin-Red" is not DBCAA registered, although there are valid registered red bulls and carriers available
VI.  Breed Promotion:
    A. Feedback on 2006 Farm Tour/Picnic-Peter Winch offered to host in 2007, hoping for better weather.
    B.  Promotional hats available-46 hats have been sold so far.  To get yours, click here.
    C.  Website report
    D. Other ideas-Breed promotion coffee mugs were discussed.
VII.   Nominations for board of directors: President (Cornell Upson), Vice President (Ellen Bohn), and Secretary (Jim Versweyveld).  Mail ballots will be sent out in December to current lifetime members.
VIII.  New Business- Items discussed included production awards and posting a sample press release for promotion
IX. Next meeting time and place-The group favored keeping the meeting at Expo, but possibly changing day or location due to room costs.